The Backslider is the thinnest wallet in the world. Constructed of durable and waterproof Kevlar they are light, durable, thin and stylish. Available with RFID blocking materials it also keeps your information and your finances safe.

It has been proven that the thick wallets we all remember contribute to poor blood circulation, back pain, hip problems and are just all around uncomfortable!¬†We’ve all had to replace a wallet at one point or another, and found when moving our driver’s license, credit/debit cards, cash etc to the new wallet that we have a bunch of business cards, punch cards, receipts and more that we have been hauling around for no real reason at all. The Backslider wallets save you on the thickness of your wallet but also encourages us to be more aware of WHAT we are carrying around with us everywhere we go. So if you’re ready to not only save yourself from back pain but simplify your life AND protect yourself from fraud then we have a wallet that is perfect for you!


Customer Reviews ~ These are just a few of the comments our satisfied customers have shared with us.

  • This is exactly what I was hoping for! I like this wallet so much I am planning to order more to give as presents. I am surprised at how many cards can fit in the card slots. While I try not to carry much most days there are times when I might need to carry a lot more cards/cash (when travelling). At least if I want to carry more cards it is an option. Basically the wallet is so thin that almost all the bulk will be your cash and cards you add to it. I carry my wallets in my front pocket and I am used to just sort of feeling that it is there by the bulge in the pocket. With this wallet I actually almost freaked out for a moment thinking I lost my wallet because it is so thin (comfortable). I have not had this long enough to speak to toughness of the material but I believe it to be very strong and I expect it wear well.
  • Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for making these! Super thin yet strong. Works great for carrying some cash plus half a dozen or so cards — they can’t fall out when wallet is folded. Perfect minimalist wallet
  • Awesome! Love it. Super fast shipping. Thank you.
  • I’m from Hong Kong and the bills fit so well in this amazing wallet. Its design is really special, just love its simple outlook with architectural touch. It is practical but also looks very elegant. (Euro Design)
  • This wallet is so weird, which means I love it! It’s super super light and I like that it’s see through. Thanks for the speedy shipping!
  • Love this wallet – this is the second time have purchased this wallet, one for me and the other as a gift. It is durable and incredibly light and thin – I have received tons of compliments on it! Thanks!
  • Nice thin minimalist wallet that holds your cash and cards. Highly recommend.
  • The see-through Kevlar sailcloth has a very cool look that will get you a lot of comments and the RFID properties make this a conversation piece. It is ultra-slim, but there is ample room for the cards you use most often along with US paper currency, you just have to insert your cards in a lateral fashion (like the picture clearly shows), because this is a bi-fold wallet, not a tri-fold, but thinner is better. Seller is easy to communicate with. Quality is very good. This seller has the best prices for Kevlar Sailcloth items I found anywhere online.
  • Wallet was shipped an hour after I purchased it, and I received it two days later. It’s just as pictured; sturdy, efficient with a wonderfully minimalist design. I am very pleased with my purchase.
  • The wallet is one of the bests wallets I have owned. The functionality of 2 pockets inside (and 2 additional hidden pockets in the money compartment usable for scannable id’s) is outstanding. You can at least fit 4 cards on each side without making the wallet too bulky. Incredibly thin and sturdy, seems like it can withstand the use of a wallet. Beautiful craftsmanship and customer service with super fast shipping!
  • This is a cool wallet, this thing may outlast me! Thanks!
  • Thank you for the awesome item, it is very slim and authentic wallet.
  • SlimmaDenaAnorexicRunwayModel,TuffaDenaWallmartSteak,JustDaBestestInAwsumness!!
  • AwRite DaBestestWallet Made! Ty for a quality item.